Save Your Sanity By Creating a List

When life gets busy, lists help us relax. Not rocket science I know. But this step is often forgotten until it’s too late and we have wasted precious time and energy. This post shares my second Christmas tip.

Create a List.

Here’s the key idea… By “dumping” what is in our heads out on paper, our brain can stop trying to keep track of all the thoughts we are carrying around. Phew!

Once our thoughts are on paper, our eyes can be employed to help put things in order. And once our psyche sees that things are more in order, our whole body can begin to relax. Ahhhhh….

The list begins to do its magic by becoming our guide and reminder, instead of our brain. And we become freed up to ENJOY the present moment (like our little one’s Christmas play!) rather than subconsciously worrying about what we might be forgetting.

So, here’s one way you can create your lists…

Sit somewhere comfy (ideally w a warm drink to sip on); take out a piece of paper; relax; and write down EVERYTHING that is on your mind regarding preparing for Christmas.

I like to organize things, so I sort my thoughts into a few lists.
You might choose to create a specific list of all the fun things you want to do. Go for it!! Create whatever lists work for YOU! The key is getting everything that is in your head out on paper.

Below are examples of my lists. They are not the fullness of the fun things I will be doing for Christmas, but more the things I need or want to get done.

GIFTS: (by person) with pricing so I keep track of my costs. I also put a mark next to the items that must be bought locally. (Confession… I’m not a good shopper. So at Christmas I really prefer online shopping. Don’t judge me!)

Things to buy for the home:

Tree & other fresh décor.
Wrapping Paper, etc.

Things I need “to-do”:

Place online orders
Shop for local gifts and stocking stuffers
Write Cards

As I think of more things, I add them to the appropriate list.

TIP: Take a photo of your list with your phone. This will rescue you if you lose your list, or forget it at home when you are in town and want to pick up a few items but can’t remember what’s on the list!

Tomorrow I’ll post about finding space and times to get these things done.

Till then… how about taking a few minutes to offload your brain of all it is carrying around and putting the items into an order that works for you.

Have an idea to share? Write it in the comment section so we can learn from one another!

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