How to Accomplish More By Doing Less

The other day I listened to a podcast (from Professional Christian Coaching Today) that talked about how, when you have something important to do, it is essential to take a good look at all the things you are currently involved in and decide what you need to do less of so that you can make space for something new.

I realized the same is true of the Christmas season. So, my third tip in my Christmas series is:  Accomplish More By Doing Less.

It is a special time of year, lasting only about a month. The world is beautifully decorated. We are given a unique opportunity to express love in more ways than usual. And special events arise that we’d love to partake in.

But somehow we think we can add all these new and glorious items without moving some things out of the way first.

Why do we do that?

I don’t know. But, here are a few suggestions for ways you can consider doing LESS so that you can accomplish MORE….

Take out your calendar, the list you made (you did that, right? Haha), and your Christmas goals. Now, consider what you can move OFF your calendar for this small season of time so that you can fit in the things you’d really like (or need) to do for Christmas.

Can you skip TV for a few nights or DVR your favorite shows so that you can light candles, turn on Christmas music and write some cards, order online items or wrap some gifts (before Christmas Eve!)?

Can you make a simpler dinner or bring a cooked chicken home from the store? How about settling on some soup and grilled cheese or searching the freezer for something you stored previously for a busy night?

Look over your list and consider what you can ask your spouse to handle for you! I LOVE to do this!! Tip… allow them to be less than perfect in the execution!!!

Is there something on your schedule that you can skip for this month?

Can you shift some work hours so that you can shop at a different time of day (like dinnertime or early morning) when stores are quieter?

Does your work allow for an occasional personal day? Why not use it now?

Do you shop better with friends or alone? Make a date with someone or ask your family/friends to combine forces and give each other some time alone to shop.

How about allowing your home to be a little less clean for a few weeks while you focus on Christmas related things?

I am terrible with time, so I’ve learned to start early and work hard for the first few weeks of December so I have more space to relax (recover) as I get closer to Christmas. This also leaves wiggle room for my poor sense of timing to be compensated for.

If you didn’t start earlier, and you really can’t fit things in, don’t fret. Remember, life is a learning process! Go back to your Christmas goals and decide what things you can cut from your list that don’t truly support the goals you have for Christmas.

Are you trying to do too much or please others? Consider what you can cut out and learn to graciously say “No” or “I’m sorry, we can’t make it”. This is a short season; don’t be afraid to make some short-term adjustments or disappoint a few people.

Finally, write the Christmas items on the calendar and commit to doing them by that date. Share your plans with your spouse or a friend and collaborate together on how you can help each other to get things done and make Christmas beautiful in the midst of the busyness.

AND… with every item on your list that you accomplish CELEBRATE!!!

How about you? What things are you going to temporarily put aside so you will have more time for the special events of Christmas? Write them in the comment section so we can cheer you on!

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