The Power of Receiving THE GIFT

Amidst all the hustle, bustle, joy, and even pain, there remains a silent call. Almost a hush. If only we will still ourselves to listen.

It is the gift.

What gift?


You know what I mean. There are presents to wrap, houses to clean, foods to prepare, last minute items to buy and preparations to complete. Oh, the energy of it all!

Christmas is in the air and everyone can feel it!

It’s exciting and wonderful. It’s maddening and exhausting. Perhaps it’s even painfully sad.

But, there is a different sound beneath it all if we will take a moment to be still and listen.

It is a voice that says “Shhhhh… Come away with ME. I want to surround you with my love. Shhhhh… There now, Shhhhhh…. “

It is the voice of JESUS. Silent yet powerful. Holy yet inviting. Powerful yet gentle.

It is beauty and love wrapped together. It is compassion and mercy.

It is freeing, yet compelling.

It is Emmanuel, God with us.

It is Jesus the Savior.

It is as if God our Father is saying, “Look over here. I have a present for you. It is my son. His name is Jesus because I sent him to free my people from their sins. I sent him to shed his blood so you could be reconciled to me, the Father who loves you all.”

The message continues, “He is not here to condemn you, but to heal you and bring you life. A life that is infused with ME, whole and beautiful, powerful and yet gentle.”

“Shhhhhhh. Won’t you receive my gift, amidst all the others?”

And he waits.

He is patient, yet eager. Hopeful. Wondering. Waiting.

What is he waiting for? For us to pause, and receive His gift.

And if we will. Pause that is, and quiet all the noise for just a few moments; just long enough to take a nice deep breath and remember that Jesus is Emmanuel. That He is right beside us, loving us, ready to lift the burdens and fill us with peace, love, wisdom and all we need, as a gift from The Father.

The Father waits. As one who waits in anticipation to see if the recipient will be happy with the gift. He waits, eyes wide open, hands clasped together in anticipation. Wondering “will he/she like the gift?”

And if we will. Open the gift that is, and allow it to soften us, to enter our hearts and transform our souls… a JOY will emerge like nothing we have ever known.

The angels will sing! The Father will dance with joy! The heart of the recipient will fill with JOY and an entirely new song will spring forth!

In just that little moment of time, amidst the hustle and bustle, amidst the madness and the grief, Jesus is born again in the stillness of the moment …deep within.

All we had to do was pause… just long enough to allow the silent voice of The LORD to speak, and for us to respond with “Yes. I will receive THE GIFT.”

“I will receive it for the first time. I will receive it for the 100th time. I will receive it!”

Have you ever really received THE GIFT?

Do you need to receive THE GIFT anew amidst the noise and challenges of this life?

God is waiting, with joy, for you to receive HIS GIFT.

Will you pause, breathe, receive and CELEBRATE JESUS?

I honestly hope you will.

Merry Christmas!

With Love, Kathleen

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