About Kathleen



Hey There!

My name is Kathleen Fischer and I believe that women were created by God to be amazing and to do amazing things!

This includes creating businesses.

My passion is to see women truly succeed at the things God is calling them to do, without selling their soul or forfeiting their lives. To see women laugh, love, lead and prosper in business for the blessing of many and to the glory of God!

But often the challenges people face can threaten their success. Things like confusion, self-doubt, fear of not measuring up, inadequate business systems, and being overwhelmed by the many hats they wear.

Creating a business is daunting and filled with things we never expected to have to do!

But God wants to use the challenges we face to draw us closer to Him, to show us His love and power to bring us victory, and to transform us into the women we were ultimately created to be.

But, oh, don’t you just wish you had someone to walk it out with you? Someone who was committed to your success, who captured the spirit of what you were trying to do and then helped you make it happen?

Well, one of my favorite things to do in life is to come alongside a woman who has a vision to do something amazing – something that will impact not only her world but the world of others – and to help her make that dream a reality.

All my life I have loved to see the God-given beauty, wonder, talents, and gifts that are woven into someone and to help those things take shape in a person’s life.

This may sound weird, but when I was a little girl I loved to go to the dentist!! Weird, right?! But it was because my dentist had the magazine “Highlights” that contained these cool challenges to figure out what was different between the pictures, or what was missing. Crazy… but I used to go early to the dentist (I could walk there) gather them on my lap and savor the chance to notice what was “wrong” with the picture.

Today this skill is priceless when my clients say “I’m trying so hard, but I can’t figure out what I’m missing! Can you help me?” Yup! I can. And we have a great time exploring what’s going on together!

As a young adult, I earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Business because I had a dream to help businesses solve the problems they were having and I believed (and still do) that computers can be a great tool to help that happen.

In my 20’s I started a computer consulting business that helped small businesses shift from manual systems to automated ones! (Yup, I’m that old!) It was so much fun!!! And I still have a great time helping my clients figure out where they need to shift and then help them plan how they are going to make that shift.

I have to confess, I am passionate… ok obsessed…  about seeing my clients succeed. Not just in their businesses, but in their lives! Because work is not all we were created to do. Women are so multi-faceted and God wants them to enjoy being ALL He created them to be!

Therefore I joyfully partner with my clients to build impactful businesses and joy-filled lives that they love.  I do this through coaching and courses that are distinctly Christ-Centered, authentic, strategic, powerful, balanced, filled with beauty, love, joy, all while being success focused.

If you are a woman of passion and commitment who is looking to truly succeed at the business and life God is calling you to create, while keeping Jesus at the center of all you do, then I would be honored to partner with you to help you experience all God has for you!

You were created to do amazing things

Jesus is eager to empower you to make it happen 

Let’s all make it happen together! 


With Sincere Love In Christ ~ Kathleen