About Kathleen




My name is Kathleen Fischer and I believe that women were created by God to do amazing things!

This includes creating and leading in business.

But often women face challenges that threaten their success. Things like self-doubt, fear of not measuring up, inadequate business systems, and being overwhelmed by the many hats they wear.

They also want Christ at the center of all they do. They care about every aspect of life. They are intelligent, hardworking and want to make a God-Size difference on this earth.

But this God-sized difference is bigger than they are. So they want someone to come alongside them, helping them overcome the challenges.

Someone who sees their God-given abilities, who is compassionate and wise, but also helps them set powerful goals, create powerful solutions, and holds them accountable to successfully achieve what they are being called to do.

They want a coach who is serious about their success.

This is my passion!

To see women truly succeed at the things God is calling them to do, without selling their soul or forfeiting their lives. To see women laugh, love, lead and prosper in business to the glory of God!

Therefore I joyfully partner with my clients to build impactful businesses and lives through coaching that is distinctly Christ-Centered, honest, safe, strategic, powerful, balanced and success focused.

If you are looking to truly succeed at your business and life while keeping Jesus at the center of all you do, then I would be honored to partner with you.

With Sincere Love In Christ ~ Kathleen