Joan from PA

Here I am three weeks into Kathy’s Transformed for Life group coaching, making strides toward my goals and accomplishing things that had been greatly needed but were left dormant. Through Kathy’s guidance and God’s grace, I have organized my plans and put them into action.

I have my own business quilting for others – I love the work and I love the challenges that come with adding beauty and life to quilts that are brought to me by my customers. However, I cannot say that I love the challenges of running my business, and so I became complacent, uninspired, behind schedule, and disorganized. Needing some serious redirection to renew my business, I turned to Kathy.

She has guided my focus, helping me to think through what needs to be done, what needs to come first to form a firm foundation for my goals, and how to approach these steps with confidence. I am on my way – making decisions and changes that will empower me to reach my goals.

Oh, by the way, please notice the S on the word goal – since starting this coaching with Kathy, I find myself creating more goals in many different areas of my life. The techniques that I am learning are giving me that “can do” attitude toward so many things. There seems to be no challenge that can’t be overcome with Kathy’s patient, caring, compassionate, coaching.